Home Services


 As a full-service building company, we take pride in helping our customers through all phases of the home building process, from the initial design to the finishing touches.  In 2014, Red House extended that full-service commitment with the creation of our Home Services division.

 Home Services is geared toward helping our customers maintain the beauty and performance of their home, as well as addressing miscellaneous small projects and “handyman” needs that arise.  Services that we are offering include, but are not limited to:

We will set up an appointment to review your home and identify any current or likely future issues that should be addressed.  This is an opportunity for you, the homeowner, to discuss your observations and any concerns you may have.  Examples of such issues include: failing exterior finishes or rot, water/moisture issues, problems with appliances or mechanical systems, and air sealing or insulation concerns.  Based on our review of your home, we can make recommendations for a priority-based plan of action that addresses current issues and anticipates future maintenance. 

Knowing that proactive maintenance is key to preserving the beauty and performance of your home, as well as saving you additional expenses down the road, we will establish seasonal or yearly maintenance and inspection schedules customized to you and your property’s needs.  Examples of routinely scheduled items include:  Seasonal shut down and start up of systems, exterior surface cleaning, deck refinishing, gutter cleaning, mechanical system servicing, etc.  In addition to providing our own services, we will establish a scheduled work program with our trusted network of subcontractors and service professionals. 


We aim to provide timely service for small project requests that can range from outfitting a closet, constructing a garden shed, to installing a new light fixture-- no project is too small.


If there’s an issue that we cannot address directly, we have a broad base of trusted subcontractors and service professionals that we’ve worked with over the years.  Maybe you need a fence built, a driveway plowed, or recommendations on a quality landscaper—we’ll know the best people for the job.


With our Home Services division, Red House will be there to assist you with all your home needs well after the initial project is complete.